Please ofer the following materials by e-mail :

1 Resume ---Education Part(year-month to year-month,name of university, major, degree, in which country); Working experience (year-month to year-month,name of company, position, in which country); Religion; Skills; Hobby; Personal discription; Leverl of Chinese; Prescribed long-term medications; Adress and phone number in your country; Place of birth(country, province, city); E-mail address;

2 Highest diploma (if it is not English version, please Provide Chinese version from translation company or agency with stamps)

3 Copy of the passport (front page)

4 Signed draft contract (see in attachment)

5 electronic photo (official kind, no more than 200K with JPG form)

6 Health Certificate(paper from hospital or doctor to prove you are health and you can work abraod first)

7 Hobbies & Religions

8 If you have ACCOMPANYING FAMILY MEMBER, you have to offer other materials.

8.1 With wife or husband, you have to offer Copy of the passport, Health certificate, marriage certificate(if not English version please translate it into Chinese or English)

8.2 With children, you have to offer copies of passport, health certificate (over 16)



International Communication Department

The College of Arts and Sciences

                                Yunnan Normal University

                                May 5, 2011 

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